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Enjoy the Outdoors Longer

We can extend the time you can enjoy your patio, backyard, and pool areas with our smart lighting and automation systems. We can bring comfort, enjoyment, and sounds from your home’s inside to your outside. With our outdoor landscape lighting we can control and schedule all your lights on your patio, around your pools and in the backyard. We can even include all these lighting into your entertainment or good night scenes so that you can easily control them with the touch of a button. This adds a great security feature in the event of an alarm, enabling you to immediately view your entire backyard and it can even help guide the emergency responders to your home.

We can also bring the same music that you are enjoying in your home to outdoor speakers on your patio and elsewhere in your yard. We have weather resistant outdoor speakers for your patio and even rock speakers and underwater pool speakers so that you can play them at a moderate level rather than having a boom box blasting to cover your whole back yard.

And we multiple options that enable us to bring your home theater experience outside too. From a television mounted in a weatherproof enclosure (heating included for the cold winters) to the full surround sound experience.

Now you can enjoy your get togethers and parties both inside and outside equally long into the night.

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