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Your Privacy and Furniture Matter

Having large windows in your home are wonderful, but also come with quite a few drawbacks. Large windows allow a lot of light into your home, making it lively and cheery. But large windows not only allow you to enjoy the view, but they also let others look into your home, especially at night. Our Signature Home Technologies motorized blind and shade products are the perfect solution to ensure your privacy when you want it. Open and close or adjust your blinds and shades with the touch of a button. Combined with our smart home automation package, we can also include the motorized blinds and shades as part of certain scenes. For example, the “Good Night” scene would ensure that all the blinds and shades are closed in addition to turning off all but the security lights and arming your security alarm for the night.

But add direct sunshine and your furniture, flooring, and art work will start to get damaged over time from the harsh UV rays. Our automated shades are the perfect solution to help protect your investment. We can program your shades to adjust to the direct sun light to ensure it does minimal damage. Add our Signature Home Technologies smart home automation system, and we can add additional automation the syncs the shades with the lighting and many more functions to enhance your lifestyle.

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