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A lighting control system is so much more than just control of your lights. With our lighting control system you can set the mood of the area that you are in. Dim the lights for a romantic dinner followed by lights out while you watch a movie. Turn up all the lights for that evening get together and dinner with friends. Or even come up with your own mood for a party. But this is just the beginning of what a lighting control system by Signature Home Technologies can do.

Coming home late to a dark house? No problem, with the touch of a button on your cellphone you can turn on the lights, open the gate, and unlock the door, your house is welcoming you home. Now you can feel safe and secure knowing that there is no one hiding in the dark waiting for you.

Already in bed and forgot if you turned off all the inside lights and turned on the security lights? No worries, use your mobile phone or tablet to check the status and enable the night time mode. Then in the morning, your lighting control can slowly turn on the lights in your bedroom to gently help wake you up. And the added benefit is that you can now manage and control your energy consumption.

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